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When the ark of forefather Noya has stuck to top of mountain Ararat, there was a seventeenth day of the seventh month - since then this date is considered happy. The certificate to that - restaurant ARARAT which has opened on July, 17th, 2006.
Well, all is correct - visitors are involved with the excellent Armenian kitchen, equal which in Chicago is not present. In Restaurant ARARAT ancient national dishes - pride of the Armenian culinary specialists are collected. The menu impresses - more than 100 firm dishes where the Shish kebab - a wreath of the Armenian kitchen reigns. Also do not try to prepare for the Armenian shish kebab independently if you are not the Armenian. It is useless. In a shish kebab - the main thing marinade. On each meat - the . The grasses, spices, sometimes - the droplet "Nairi", different wild-growing fragrant grasses and still is a lot of many secrets.
Simply order a little table in "Ararat" where duly prepare more than 25 kinds of the present Armenian shish kebabs - only from the freshest pair meat which is delivered daily, on coals, it is direct in a hall. That is why shish kebabs here - the best in Chicago. And how at them such shish kebabs turn out. In a word, wish to arrange a holiday of gluttony - to you direct road in "ARARAT".
Mediterranean and Armenian cuisine is one the oldest in the world. Cookery on the grill is a natural cooking method, which was used already in the 9th century B.C. in the ancient Urartian country.

Later, in 4th-1st century B.C. this cooking method was developed and cherished in the Great Armenian country, which spread from Caspian up to Mediterranean Sea. Cooking is an art and patience is a virtue!
Careful shopping, fresh produce and un unhurried approach are nearly all that is required, but there is one more ingredient-Passion.
Passion for food and love for those you invite to your table.

Restaurant ARARAT, our friendly and comfortable family restaurant, offers you an exclusive selection of dishes in charming environment.

Our dishes are masterpieces created by chefs with a passion for food who want to share that passion with you.


We were proud to be featured in ABC's Hungry Hound .   Please, hear more about us here